The Universe

Hola! My name is Maya and friends call me Mayoush. My spiritual journey began in 2008 with Yoga and other holistic modalities. I started exploring my body and my spirit was seeking a state of belonging since an early age. Funny enough, I was guided into ceasing the illusion of struggle, to stop the fight in my inner world and surrender to the natural flow of life. My whole life exploration to date revolved around embracing and accepting the world that I manifest every single day. My heart led the way and every single day, I learn to see the beauty in every emotion, every thought, every physical sensation and every seed blossoming in my imagination. I am open to keep learning, to keep exploring, to keep sharing and to be at service of humanity in the best way I can. In Love and Medicine.

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The Way In-Out

By on June 29, 2017

This is the truth, so they say

It caught me in more than a way

I opened up to other sways

Thinking, seeking what came my way

Not knowing, probably behaving

For that was another story of having

Collecting stories from Sages; Offering

Yet my core never related, hence resisting


I learned that I resisted what I always desired

A rebel, so-called was like someone I hired

To have a feel of non-belonging gave me shelter

From living, sharing, exploring life & even better


Then one day, one moment, one eternity

I stood up, with a loving weak body

Speaking from my heart: I don’t know. I feel

I don’t know for I already do, for real

And so, I shed, I surrender my all, I heal

From thinking, from knowing, from surreal

I am me. I am now. I express.