My journey with Blue Morpho started when I first went to the Peruvian jungle in September 2011 and experienced traditional sacred plant medicine.

My trip had a purpose. I needed change. A real change. A death and rebirth kind of change. An unstudied, unconditioned, untamed change. And so I stepped into the medicine world. And so I was reborn.

I was working as a full time Yoga Instructor and Therapeutic Thai Body worker since 2009. I was also following a vegetarian diet and living a healthy lifestyle. Yet, a big part of me was unhappy and I had lost my inner spark at some point in my life. I needed to really start exploring Self with no attachments to a book, a person or a belief system.

Now, I am working and apprenticing at Blue Morpho Tours in Peru ( and expanding my world through the transformative journeys that we do with Blue Morpho International trips to sacred sites all over the planet and beyond (

In Love and Medicine

In Ascent Blue Morpho Tours