The Universe

Hola! My name is Maya and friends call me Mayoush. My spiritual journey began in 2008 with Yoga and other holistic modalities. I started exploring my body and my spirit was seeking a state of belonging since an early age. Funny enough, I was guided into ceasing the illusion of struggle, to stop the fight in my inner world and surrender to the natural flow of life. My whole life exploration to date revolved around embracing and accepting the world that I manifest every single day. My heart led the way and every single day, I learn to see the beauty in every emotion, every thought, every physical sensation and every seed blossoming in my imagination. I am open to keep learning, to keep exploring, to keep sharing and to be at service of humanity in the best way I can. In Love and Medicine.

I have always heard of the vastness and mysticism of Lake Titicaca. The stories below it and what it is thought to hold at its depths.

I never knew that being there on a spiritual journey and sailing or even dipping my feet in its waters and watching the sun setting in between its arms would induce a big shift in my life and help me have a glimpse of what it feels like to be connected to my own depth.

Bolivia is not over exploited like other parts of Latin America. The raw energy of many sites is still strongly felt thanks to the quick “selfie” flow of tourism.

From Tiahuanaco and Puma-punku where I explored pre-Incan remains and wondered about what we call now supernatural powers and true knowledge of those wise beings, to Isla de la Luna (Moon Island) where I was welcomed by butterflies of different colours and sizes and felt the warm welcome of the feminine priestesses to Sun Island were I walked on its treks and threw Coca leaves over my back symbolising leaving the past behind and taking each step in life as a totally new expression of my wholeness in the moment.

Sun Island was the epicentre of this spiritual adventure. From the moment the boat reached its shores, I heard: Welcome! and a smile organically shaped my face as I felt: I am home.

My spirit was thrilled. My heart open; feeling in resonance with the land and my body ready for a nice cup of coca tea.

So what was special about this place?

A very special Spirit residing in an old location.

Almost hidden even though there are no locked doors or forbidden entry around it.

Yet, visitors leave their offerings at the doorstep of that special place. Few enter.

I did, with everyone I was journeying with. I remember we stayed in the darkest room for an hour or so, offering tobacco and connecting with a Star in my world. A star that shines in darkness.

A spirit that taught me a lot and still does.

An angel that has always been by my side teaching and guiding my spirit to experience the wholeness of life, in a body.